Features of Hado

What is Hado?

HADO is the first-ever physical Techno Sport in the world using Augmented Reality technology. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), HADO players aren't restricted by cables, controllers and screens to navigate the virtual environments. The players run freely within real-world arenas, wearing wireless head-mounted display and wrist motion sensors to unleash super powered projectiles on opponent.

Hado combines all the physical elements of dodgeball (minus the contact) with the cutting-edge technology of Augmented Reality (AR). This creates an explosive 80-second game that leaves all of its participants wanting more. Hado is a 3vs3 game that requires agility, stamina and communication. The objective? - Players must throw augmented balls at each other and must either dodge, shield or take the shot face on, the team that hits their opponents the most at the end of 80 seconds is deemed the winner.

The balanced gameplay of Hado opens up the opportunity for players who would not otherwise want to get involved in traditional sports to be able to develop and gain skills sets that traditional sports thrive on, such as; communication, confidence, being active and being part of a community.

Highly Physical

HADO is a physical game that requires exceptional agility, lightning-fast reflexes, and the ability to think on your toes. Players not only compete against their opponents but also an 80-second clock ticking away to the final buzzer.

Accessible and Inclusive

Hado embraces inclusivity, welcoming players of diverse abilities and backgrounds. Its intuitive gameplay and adaptable environments ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience, fostering a sense of belonging and community among players of all skill levels.

Balanced Gameplay

HADO combines physical prowess and strategic thinking, accommodating both natural athletes and tactical minds. Players are split into two groups of three, where communication and tactical decision making are essential during all stages of a match.